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DMR Top 5 of 10 in MSA Finals

Team DMR managed to secure the 5 GT Sport Slots available for the Top 10 MSA Showdown vs the Top 5 PC ACC gents. Which seemed like an intriguing turn of events when GT SPORT was announced as the official finals race. One can assume it was to crown the best GT Sport player of which will represent South Africa and MSA in France in October on GT Sport.

The PC gents definitely took the bull by the horns and courageously attempted GT Sport, and might we add, they definitely surprised us.

A few nail-biting moments included:

  • Qualifying started when DMRe_Deano (GT Sport Team Leader) was still being interviewed and he had to rush to the track to get on with it.
  • Koketso Pilane (DMRe_Koketso / Not-Stinky) reluctantly defended T1 in Monza with a grid start by which Deano only confirmed what was discussed prior “Don’t defend T1, I am not gonna make moves, you just go on to win this thing
  • The battles ensued as there were mentions that DMR drivers will be battling it out and having the most fun they can on track whilst keeping the PC guys in check.

The PC drivers definitely brought the heat for both the 1st and 2nd Race which were sprints and required no additional strategies or gameplans.

The whole week everyone practiced together, and the Feature race is where it was going to boil down to. With Koketso & Deano, separated by nothing the whole week on all 3 races, were eagerly waiting for the feature race. Youngster Juan has always had an insane capability of launching and going wheel-to-wheel with anyone and managed to secure his 2nd place grid spot for the feature race.

Ewan Taylor and Stephan Mocke both included themselves in the fiery battles amongst team mates, and believe it, the party chat was incredible and the energy was sparkling.

The feature race had many restarts due to connectivity, and after about 5x attempts the PC drivers, all but one, removed themselves from the race. It was 5x DMR Drivers and 1x PC ACC Driver, and we want to state that we respect Leslie Oliphant for completing the race. A champion in our books!

It was a thriller of a race, not one driver backing down to another, Koketso managed to evade Deano’s final stint charge, Juan and Deano went flat out side-by-side through Eu Rouge, neither one backing down.

Well deserved to our Champion, Koketso Pilane, and runners up, Deano & Juan, and Ewan together with Stephan finishing in the Top 5 of the MSA Showdown! It was an incredible series and showdown!

Watch all three races on the official live stream with commentary here:

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