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DMR – GTSSA & LNR Season 3 Drivers

Team DMR will once again be sending a handful of our racers to participate in the following local South African GT Sport Leagues:

  • GTSSA (Gran Turismo Sport South Africa – Great entry point into GT Sport – For all levels)
  • LNR (Logistical Nightmare Racing – More racing orientated, Gt3 and GT4 focused racing)

Our Season 3 GTSSA Drivers and Previous Results are:

Name PSN Results
Koketso Pilane
No Previous GTSSA Result. DNF - ATK Pro-Series Winner
Stephan Mocke
GTSSA Season 2 Result: 3rd & ATK Top 5 Finalist
Wilfred Robson
GTSSA Season 2 Result: 9th
Damian Bisschoff
GTSSA Season 2 Result: 11th
Kendal Mawa
GTSSA Season 2 Result: 34th
Paul Fox
GTSSA Season 2 Result: 100th

Our Season 3 LNR Drivers & Previous Results are:

Team DMR NitroBlitz

Name PSN Results
Dean Nortje
Mulitple LNR Team and Individual Champion: Last 4 Seasons
Mike Fiess
Multiple Top 6 Finishes in LNR

Team DMR Brewskies

Name PSN Results
Serkan Gunes
Our very own German Driver – Will be his 1st Season
Michael Roux
Top 10 LNR : Top 10 ATK Pro Series Finalist

Team DMR Lead-Feet

Name PSN Results
Damian Bisschoff
Multiple Top 15 Finishes Overall
Jean Louis Smit
Multiple Top 20 finishes – Teaming up with Damian Biss

Team DMR BMT-Racing

Name PSN Results
Ewan Taylor
Multiple Podium Finishes LNR – 3rd Overall ATK Pro Series
Dwayne Mitchell
Multiple Podium Finishes LNR

Team DMR SpeedyDog

Name PSN Results
Kendal Mawa
Multiple and various results – Trains new racers
Yusri Majiet
New Racer – Recently added from DMR Academy Team

We wish all our racers the best of luck! Let’s work hard and get awesome results and have fun at the same time! Can we get our Maiden GTSSA Championship belt? Can we make it 5 Championships in a row in the LNR League? Only time will tell! Awesome competitors and awesome racers will be competing! Good luck to all!

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