Team Accolades

Mercedes Benz ATK Proseries 2021

The 2021 Proseries hosted by ATK kicked off on the 7th March 2021 with 6 rounds to determine the top 24 drivers in ACC and GT Sport. The overall winner to represent SA at the FIA World event.

DMR sent 8 drivers to compete. During the top24 event, DMR claimed top 5 positions. DMR Ultimately won the series, with DMR Koketso Pilane winning overall. Koketso will now represent SA at the FIA Games in Oct 2021.

Overall Standings include: (2nd)DMRe_Deano, (3rd)DMRe_tsmJDJ, (4th)DMRe_TaylorEwie and (5th)DMRe_Smp3pro

LNR Team vs Team GT Sport

DMR has won the last 4 LNR GT Sport Team vs Team seasons.

  • 2020 Season 3 and 4 – Won by DMRe_Deano and DMRe_AmRacingZA
  • 2021 Season 1 – Won by DMRe_Deano and DMRe_AmRacingZA
  • 2020 Season 2 – Won by DMRe_Deano and DMRe_tsmJDJ

Twinz Motorsport Special Endurance Race 2021

DMR Fielded 4 teams in the Twinz Motorsport endurance race for GT Sport. The event was sponsored by Twins Motorsport in collaboration with Logistical Nightmare Racing (LNR)

DMR teams finished 1st and 2nd with the podiums going to: 

  • 1st: DMRe_Deano and DMRe_tsmJDJ
  • 2nd: DMR_SN8KI and DMR_Nitromerlin