About Us

A Sim Racing eSports Team

We are competitive Sim Racers with a passion for racing.

DMR since May 2020

DMR was born to create a community with the same Sim Racing goals. What started as a small whatsapp group, turned into a competitive team competing in various local and international leagues.

Since inception, DMR has competed and won almost all GT Sport local leagues and placed well in international leagues too.

Some Cool Facts

Numbers Speak For Themselves

Academy Drivers
Single Event Wins
Completed Races
SA's Highest Ranked GT Sport Players

DMR Elite

DMR is split into two sections, DMR and DMR Elite. Our elite drivers form part of the committed alien drivers who can easily be considered to be in the top 20 of South Africa.

These Drivers are the calvary we send to big and important leagues. We expect these drivers to practice and take it seriously. They are dedicated to winning leagues and championships. 

DMR Academy

The academy came about to train drivers and filter the exceptional drivers into the main team

Currently, Wilfred Robson runs the academy and trains drivers in various disciplines in Sim Racing to help them become faster and better racers.

The main team from time to time will reward Academy drivers with a spot in the main team.

We practice and race hard. As Jeremy Clarkson says "Its not a throttle, its a detonator"

We practice to win, not just to compete.