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2x DMRe Drivers in World Top 16

Daily Race Domination – 2x DMRe Drivers claim Top 16 spot in the World

A team cannot be prouder with an epic time trial ending as what we are with both DMRe_Jenson and DMRe_TalorEwie. DMRe_Jenson finishing the week on Daily B in #2 in the WORLD and #1 in EMEA. Only to be beaten in the last few hours of the night. DMRe_Taylor Ewie managed an incredible #11 in EMEA and #16 in the World for Daily Race B (Red Bull Wet GR4: 9-15 August)

We believe the team will be pushing for a lot more of these weekly daily race results, only to bring the team into future glory! Keep it up gentleman, well done!

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